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    IT professional, programmer, code monkey

    Experience with many facets within software development. On a given day, my job could entail: database programming, web development, writing a new program in the lab, debugging a solution, add new features to one of our products, setup a virtual machine for testing, writing unit tests, deploy a solution, write about a solution, back to programming.

    Basically, I am used to exact somebody’s vision to solve a business problem. I want this site to exact mine at some point.

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  • Portfolio

    • Built many integration solutions using Microsoft BizTalk Server
    • Developed a case exchange system for a field service company that resulted in a significant competitive advantage
    • Designed and built an enterprise rating solution for a telecom company
    • Created a direct-billing solution that recovered bad-debt and created new jobs
    • Built a data warehouse solution for a global supply chain company, that provided leadership visibility and better decision making through dashboards
    • Programmed many healthcare solutions involving standards like: HIPPA X12 EDI, HL7 and NCPDP
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    Keith Honkonen

    Miami, FL, United States

    E-mail: me@keithhonkonen.com